Welcome to the RSAS

Welcome to the Rensselaer Student Auto Shop.

The Rensselaer Auto Shop (RSAS) is a self-service facility, open to the RPI community. It offers a wide range of equipment and tools to facilitate practically any form of maintenance or repair.

The Rensselaer Auto Shop is located behind the Armory Building (Athletic Sports and Recreation Center) on the East Side of the RPI Campus, south of the Warren Hall parking lot. The door to the Auto Shop is painted in red with the letters "RSAS". See attached map for better indication.

Have a question about your car or don't know what's wrong? Bring your car in and we'll help you diagnose your problems with no charge until you start repairs.

Check engine light on? We can read the codes and tell you what's wrong!

We also offer safety checks, make sure your car is ready for winter, road trips, or just for peace of mind.

Customers may enter through the gated entrance on the East Side of the Student Union or the public safety gate. If these gates are not opened as they are supposed to be, please email the shop and we'll work to get them open. These gates are open after 5pm on weekdays and open 24hrs on weekends.

Please Note Currently RSAS is CASH ONLY and can charge to student accounts only in very special circumstances, and only for charges in excess of $30.
Shop Contact
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RensselaerStudentAutoShop
To reserve the lift or the bays, please click the Reservations Tab above.
E-mail: autoshop@union.lists.rpi.edu